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My crazy life ride with Regina Holliday, at #TEDxAlvaPark , Detroit Michigan, USA

We’ll help create it, a generation free of HIV As we were walking out of the #TEDxAlvaPark speaker dinner at The Henry Ford (@TheHenryFord) the night before the event, I asked Regina if we should make any changes to our talk, now that we had interacted with the other amazing, accomplished presenters. Her response frames » » » » on to the full article

Being atypical, the TEDx rules, and Regina Holliday, at #TEDxAlvaPark – November 8, 2012

Click to enlarge, or click here to view on Flickr.com According to the TEDx General Rules: The typical presentation should be an 18-minute talk by a single presenter. No talk should exceed 18 minutes. No panels. No break-out sessions. Usually: No podium. We’re following most of them except for the part about the single presenter, at TEDxAlvaPark , which » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Story of incredible innovation – at Hitsville, USA

View Seizing the moment on Flickr.com I took this photograph right at the moment that my colleague Kristin ( @krisitnjuel ) realized that she had arrived. Soon after, I realized I had arrived, too. What an amazing lesson in innovation there is at the Motown museum ( @motown_museum ). What happened was that we had just returned » » » » on to the full article

Exploring the Weight of the Nation, and Washington, DC, and Detroit

I got to speak to Jim Marks, MD, the Senior Vice President and Director of the Health Group for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (@JamesSMarks48) because I won the monthly RWJF Alumni Social Network profile contest (it feels good to win at these times…), and I asked him about social determinants of health. He said to me (and » » » » on to the full article

TEDx AlvaPark, Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, where “any idea is welcome”

The Power to Create Jobs: not just for yourself: Veronika Scott The words in the title of the post come from Madhu Prasad, MD (@HenryFordIdeas), who was our gracious host along with the Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Health System for TEDx AlvaPark (“Alva” as in “Thomas Alva Edison”). He was referring to a truth » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Why fight traffic, fight discrimination instead, The Rosa Parks Bus @thehenryford

View 2011 TEDx AlvaPark 6610 on Flickr.com This week’s photograph was not taken in Washington, DC – I’m making an exception because it relates to diversity. I took it at The Henry Ford ( @TheHenryFord) in Dearborn, Michigan, from the perspective of its most famous passenger, Rosa Parks (and it’s in a relatively confined space » » » » on to the full article

He is a magician | Innovation Institute at Henry Ford

I AM A MAGICIAN | Innovation Institute at Henry Ford. – Welcoming to the blogosphere Madhu Prasad, MD (@HenryFordIdeas) who is a surgeon AND the Director, Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Hospital, which as he states, will change the world: It is the medical community’s answer to Disneyland. A place where magic (technology) and wonder (ideas) » » » » on to the full article