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A media moment at #healthdata with US CTO Todd Park and The SchoolFit team

View 2012 Datapalooza 13329 on Flickr.com This is how stuff happens around here. One minute you’re sharing stories with a friend whose team happened to win the obesity prevention code-a-thon. The next, you’re watching as the United States Chief Technology Officer Todd Park ( @Todd_Park ) gets a live demo of the app-created-in-2-days by the » » » » on to the full article

2012 HealthCampDC and The Walking Gallery bigger.better

DC Health Week HealthCamp – Walking Gallery 13160 It’s always worth a look at where we came from – so thanks to the magic of social media, you can see what the very first Healthcamp DC, in 2008, looked like: #hcdc HealthCamp Washington, DC 2008 and 2011 | Ted Eytan, MD This year’s HealthCamp DC was » » » » on to the full article

Obesity Prevention Code-A-Thon Finale: From an invididual to a civic mindset

DC Health Week Code-a-Thon 13141 – The School Fit Team – They won! In the weeks leading up to this weekend’s code-a-thon, conversations like this, with respected community organizers like Greg Bloom were happening: @greggish all the more reason 4 u to come. Several #sdoh and #Rxsocial ppl will be there, by design @DCHealthWeek + » » » » on to the full article

Obesity Prevention Code-a-Thon – the era of Geospatial

Looking at “your city” – the era of geospatial Yesterday was the first day of DC Health Data and Innovation Week, which started with the HD&IW Code-a-thon: Preventing Obesity. I have actually been at all 3 Washington DC-based code-a-thons, and can say (and celebrate) a paradigm shift, which is really from the individual, to the » » » » on to the full article

Proclaimed! 2012 DC Health Data and Innovation Week – Washington, DC USA

View DC Health Data and Innovation Week 10430 on Flickr.com It’s official, Mayor Vincent Gray ( @mayorvincegray ) has proclaimed June 2-7, 2012 as DC Health Data and Innovation Week. What are you waiting for, sign up to come! http://bit.ly/DChealth2012 Definitely one of the most fun errands I have run for my colleague Danielle Cass » » » » on to the full article