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Latest adoption data for kp.org

Kp org data update 44882

Yesterday on a tour of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth), one of my esteemed guests, Larry Wolf, Health IT Strategist at Kindred Healthcare and Co-Chair, Certification and Adoption Workgroup, Health IT Policy Committee asked about the adoption curves I showed for Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record, kp.org. Because of that and since I’m giving a » » » » on to the full article

Photo and Map Friday: The Social Determinants of the NoMa Neighborhood, Washington, DC USA

Our cities are changing. I had the best opportunity this week to capture our nation’s capital in transition, from the vantage point of the 7th floor of the brand new NPR building (see: Designing the future of work to be collaborative, and healthy: National Public Radio’s New Headquarters, Washington, DC USA | Ted Eytan, MD) » » » » on to the full article

Less connected social networks solve complex problems better : Go ahead, have a dream

This is is a less-connected network, with 88 nodes. View on Flickr.com This is a well-connected network, 88 notes, with 172 links. View on Flickr.com  Here’s what happens when the well-connected network works to provide a solution to a complex problem. Here’s what happens when the less-connected network does the same work, given the same » » » » on to the full article

Social media adoption across the generations (charts) – 2013 update

View Internet – Social Media – Twitter Adoption – 2013 refresh 10.jpeg full size I am having a conversation with my colleagues in the Kaiser Permanente Colorado (@KPColorado) region in August about communicating in the era of social media, so an update of the latest data of internet and social networking adoption is called for » » » » on to the full article

Now Analyzing: Temperature and snowfall data for Washington, DC, Implications for Health

In preparation for my attendance at CleanMed Europe this fall (@CleanMedEurope), and also as a member of the Executive Committee for Environmental Stewardship for Kaiser Permanente, I have been taking a course in Climate Literacy on one of those MOOCs (you guess which one..:)). Our first assignment beyond the quizzes was to look at a » » » » on to the full article

Do physicians tweet about environmental stewardship in health care?

Simulation Training Center for Total Health 20502

More goodness from the MDigitalLife study courtesy of Greg Matthews (@chimoose). I asked him (very nicely) if he would take a look at the database he’s got of 3,200 verified physicians’ 2.1 million tweets for frequencies of environmental / sustainability topics, and here’s what he found. Green docs – Analysis from MDigitalLife Data from Ted » » » » on to the full article

Hacking Community Walking Data with the Arlington, Virginia, Mobility Lab

View Visualization: Pedestrian Counts, Arlington, Virginia on Flickr.com There are so many things in just the title of this post that is new learning for me. Let’s count them: There is automated community walking data available, because Arlington, Virginia has installed electronic meters on its walking trails (see: National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project :: » » » » on to the full article