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Just Read: State of Transgender Person Health, the dawn of primary care in Colorado

Transparent: The State of Transgender Health in Colorado, One Colorado Education Fund This is a new report published by One Colorado (@One_Colorado) that’s a non-randomized survey of 417 transgender and gender nonconforming Colorado residents. Even though it’s not randomized, that’s a pretty large sample size for this population. A few findings that caught my eye: » » » » on to the full article

Thanks for publishing my photo and a bright spot in transgender person health, Colorado Independent

Today, Winners is employed as an engineer and has health insurance through Kaiser Permanente (Colorado). The insurer gives transgender clients a list of preferred providers trained in transgender-specific care.“The biggest change is actually having a primary care physician that’s not only educated about transgender health care but passionate about advocating for transgender people,” Winners said.Winners’s » » » » on to the full article


Kaiser Permanente Colorado now covering transgender services in plans – The Denver Post.

“Kaiser Permanente is committed to reducing health disparities and providing culturally competent care to all of our patients.”

Great work, Kaiser Permanente Colorado (@kpcolorado).

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Photos Friday: GlassMakesFriends across the USA

Ben Chatelain (@phatblat), Senior iOS Developer, Kaiser Permanente Mobile Center of Excellence (View on Flickr.com) This is the final batch of photos from my Google Glass (@projectglass) across America experience. I really enjoyed introducing friends, new, and not so new, to Google Glass for the first time and seeing their reactions. Technology is meant to » » » » on to the full article

Presentation: Why be Social (Media) – Kaiser Permanente Colorado – “Destination Leadership”

I realized when I uploaded this presentation to Slideshare that it didn’t have a title, so I made one up just now. Everything doesn’t have to have a title, does it? I was invited to be a part of a great learning program put on by the HR/Talent team at Kaiser Permanente (@KPColorado) yesterday, for » » » » on to the full article

The USA #ThroughGlass – Photos

View ThroughGlass Amrtrak 28464 on Flickr.com I am on my way to spend time with colleagues at Kaiser Permanente Colorado (@KPColorado) to discuss leadership and communication, and decided to take the journey through the perspective of my actual eyes, wearing Google Glass (@ProjectGlass). I was actually inspired by our DC friends at Silica Labs (@silicalabs) » » » » on to the full article

What member / patient engagement looks like #iRetreatKP

View Kaiser Permanente iRetreat – Our Members Voices 25444 on Flickr.com When people ask me to talk to them about “patient engagement,” I admit, what’s going through my head is, “I think you’re asking me to tell you how to listen to people?” I don’t believe “engagement” is “rephrasing things so patients do what we » » » » on to the full article