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It’s Just Chemistry: Healthier buildings can have less harmful chemicals, with Arlene Blum, PhD

View ‘Arlene Blum, PhD at the Center for Total Health 40189′ on Flickr.com We had the privilege of hosting a healthy buildings event (see: Healthy Buildings: Reducing Use of Harmful Chemicals | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health) with our friends at US Green Building Council (@USGBC) featuring Arlene Blum, PhD  author, mountaineer, and founder of the Green Science » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Yes they could shatter glass ceilings. Meeting the women of the Kaiser shipyards

The Women of the World War II Shipyards at The Center for Total Health 39219 on Flickr.com I am fascinated with learning about where we came from – as I said previously (in 2007): “the dreams of those who came before us inform our dreams.” It was beyond meaningful, then, to meet the women who » » » » on to the full article

Spending time with Jessica Green, PhD on bioinformed design

I/we had the opportunity to follow up with Jessica Green, PhD (@JessicaLeeGreen) today after I met her at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation headquarters last year (Thanks @RWJF network!) (see: Shadowing (the people of the) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio | Ted Eytan, MD) today at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) and talk more about » » » » on to the full article

The wonderful things that come from a health system API : #activetransportation

This very simple web app solves a problem that I complained to Michael Schade about in preparation for our very successful Transportation Techies Transportation + Health Meetup - which is: There’s no way Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHeath) map with active transportation options (namely Capital Bikeshare @Bikeshare) superimposed on it. And voila, he created one: View Kaiser » » » » on to the full article

Photos: Partnership for a Healthier America Summit, Opening Reception, Washington, DC USA

#PHASummit Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) View on Flickr.com The Parntership for a Healthier America Summit is in Washington, DC, this week, and began with an opening reception featuring Sam Kass, Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. Speaking of nutrition, note the healthy food program in action at the » » » » on to the full article

Changing the culture of Transportation + Health + Meetups : TechiesDCHealth – Washington, DC USA

Jeff Olson from @altaplanning at the Center for Total Health View Techies DC Health 38202 on Flickr.com I think we achieved what we set out to do last evening at the Transportation Techies (@TechiesDC) Transportation + Health Meetup at the Center for Total Health (@KPtotalHealth). We connected the transportation tech community to health and vice » » » » on to the full article

Supporting active transportation, at tonight’s Transportation + Health Meetup

As part of the package of innovation for tonight’s Transportation + Health Meetup (98 RSVPs! Hashtag: #TechiesDCHealth), the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) got this snazzy Transitscreen, which shows transportation options in real time from our facility. If you want to see it in real time, click this link, which is courtesy TransitScreen(@TransitScreen), » » » » on to the full article