Photos: WELL MindShift – What’s the Future of Workplace Health?

2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560
2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560 (View on

It was a pleasure to host at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) with Rex Miller (@mRexMiller) and friends from Delos (@DelosLiving). I especially appreciate Rex’s approach to these gatherings – everything is open source, just like this blog.

People want to live and work in a healthy environment. People like me want to know what works to make it that way. Rex introduced me to this website, which helps in the critical analysis of what works…

The Well MindShift is a collection of over sixty organizations and one hundred leaders who have assembled to address the crises of workplace health, wellness and well buildings. We see this issue threatening the future viability and prosperity of our corporations and nation. We are a self-organizing cohort representing a diverse cross-section of leaders including subject matter experts, academics, healthcare institutions, corporate, not for profits, authors, service providers and community organizers.

Photos below, click here to grab them on Flickr.

Presentation: The What, Why & How of Walking Meetings, with America Walks

Last week I was fortunate to co-present with Sheila Franklin and Jessica Tunon on one of my favorite topics.

It’s the best sign of contagion when you are not the only person presenting on something that you are so passionate about.

My slides are below. You can also view the entire presentation at the America Walks web site..

On the occasion of preparing for this presentation, I went back and visited the semi-Epic post I wrote in 2008 to see what had changed since then:

  • Wearable devices have since been shown not to be the motivating force they were once thought to be, with two significant studies in 2016 published about this. This makes modification of the work environment even more critical – a smart watch isn’t going to make people walk any more than a scale makes someone lose weight. An appointment on a calendar that says “walking meeting” – that works 🙂 .
  • All of the rules about how many people can be in a walking meeting have been smashed, now that I have a 1,000-person walking meeting under my belt.
  • This is still one of the most contagious health interventions I have experienced/infected others with – nothing has stopped the walking
  • I still love hearing stories about adoption of walking meetings – please tweet those to me and/or put them in the comments.

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health evolves as healthcare changes (MedCity News)

MedCity News recently paid a visit to the Center for Total Health, in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol. The center shows off many of the technologies and design innovations Kaiser Permanente now employs or is considering.

Source: Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health evolves as healthcare changes

2016.08.29 Neil Versel at Center for Total Health 01134
2016.08.29 Neil Versel at Center for Total Health 01134 (View on

Thanks, Neil Versel (@NVersel) for stopping by to learn about the future of health and healthcare. Visitors always welcome and everyone gets a photo (if they want, and why wouldn’t they, total health looks great on everyone 🙂 ).

Photos of Preliminary Audit: WELL Building Standard

2016.08.08 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 00999
2016.08.08 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 00999 (View on

The team from Delos (@DelosLiving) came in the evening before our preliminary audit day to do sound and light testing in our space, as part of a lead up to WELL Certification (@WELLCertified).

You can read more about WELL here: Just Read: The WELL Building Standard – promoting health for the people inside.

It is like #LEEDforPeople, learning about the things that can be measured and affect the human experience in the built environment.

More photos below from the evening session – I’ll post the day session in the next post.

MakerDocsDC July: The Circuitous Route and Creating Weather Systems

2016.07.26 MakerDocsDC 00985
With Shami Feinglass, MD, MPH (@SFeinglass) and Nishi Rawat, MD | 2016.07.26 MakerDocsDC 00985 (View on

I think we decided that this photo has the best composition. The alternate is here.

In any event, I continue to love the sharing of experiences and people that happen every month. It’s always diverse, and the opposite of diversity is boredom.

This time, we spoke about the circuitous route that a MakerDoc takes in so many things, what disciplined innovation can look like at organization that practice it, and the concept of innovators as weather systems.

Just as the Airbus 380 creates a hurricane behind it forcing air traffic to readjust, so can the MakerDoc, hopefully with good effect.

Here’s what the wind vortex behind an A380 looks like. Watch to the end.

See you next month-ish.

Photo Friday: Photoshop Nametag Template With Pronouns, for a New Millennium

....from the 21st Century, where I live.
….from the 21st Century, where I live. #EqualityEqualsHealth (View on

For the Transgender Health Meet and Greet which we hosted recently, I leveraged my recently acquired photoshop skills to create nametags that support pronouns.

I’m embedding the template in multiple formats, with instructions below. The document is Creative Commons licensed like everything on this blog – use it, edit it, brand it, make sure it helps other people succeed in life. If you don’t use it to help other people succeed, then the license to use is immediately revoked.

I’ve written previously about why I’ve placed my pronouns on my business card and email sig. I and others encourage other health professionals to do the same:

Built for the Future: My business card includes my pronouns

2016.06.28 Kaiser Permanente Transgender Health Meet and Greet 0337-2
2016.06.28 Kaiser Permanente Transgender Health Meet and Greet – Blog post coming soon (View on
2016.07.01 Nametags with Pronouns - Avery 5392_nonbranded
2016.07.01 Nametags with Pronouns – Avery 5392_nonbranded (View on

Instructions for use and download formats

Print away, have markers or pens handy, and don’t stop at special events, use pronouns in all settings.

If you need any assistance, add a note in the comments. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience(s), I’d appreciate those too, in the comments or via twitter, @tedeytan. Thank you!