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Why I’m going to Capital TransPride this weekend

Open Doors, by @ReginaHolliday Short answer: because I and my fellow physicians went into medicine to support the ability of every human being to achieve their life goals.* *see my note at the bottom of this post about the physician role Capital Transpride is May 18, 2013, in Washington, DC. Kaiser Permanente is a Gold Sponsor » » » » on to the full article

AMA Policy – Professionalism in the Use of Social Media

AMA – AMA Policy – Professionalism in the Use of Social Media – This was posted recently and it is a good piece of work that will promote physician (and patient) discussion about the professional role and use of social media. Tip to Jane Sarasohn-Kahn ( @healthythinker ) for writing it up in her I-try-to-read-every-post » » » » on to the full article

amednews: Participatory medicine: A high-tech alliance with patients

amednews: Participatory medicine: A high-tech alliance with patients – Jan. 18, 2010, Interviewed in American Medical News, article discussing the potential of participatory medicine enabled by technology (one of the best uses of technology is to enable participation) Similar Posts: Participation in Science, too – at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Journal of » » » » on to the full article

Now Reading: “Concern that sharing information with patients may cause sustained psychological distress is probably unfounded”

The Right to Know

McLaren P. The right to know. [Internet]. BMJ 1991;303(6808):937-938. Shenkin BN, Warner DC. Sounding board. Giving the patient his medical record: a proposal to improve the system [Internet]. N. Engl. J. Med 1973 Sep;289(13):688-692 I’m not that smart and my ideas are not that unique. This is why I enjoy writing the posts that are » » » » on to the full article

Quality of Care & e-Patients

Quality of Care & e-Patients – Commentary by Gilles Frydman at e-patients.net. As he points out, the American Medical Association continues to demonstrate a distinctive approach to change. Similar Posts: American Medical Association 2001, Health 2.0, and Patients 2.0 AMA on NPR; Patients judge quality by presence of an EHR; CCHIT Expansion Plans for 2009 » » » » on to the full article

Change the Profession

Post: JAY PARKINSON + MD + MPH The one twist for me is that my experience working within a multispecialty group has taught me that specialists are exceptional people and are as interested in the health of communities as any primary care specialist (we’re all specialists, to be accurate, I am one in family medicine). » » » » on to the full article

JAMA: It’s Official – there’s tension between older and younger physicians

I was alerted to this editorial by Susannah Fox’s post about it on e-patients.net, and I really liked that this topic (generational issues) is getting coverage in the medical literature: JAMA — Web Searching for Information About Physicians, July 9, 2008, Gorrindo and Groves 300 (2): 213 The medical community is experiencing the same GenX, » » » » on to the full article