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Walking Gallery IV: #Artscape2014 Baltimore, MD, USA

View Artscape 2014 45414 on Flickr.com I’ve never missed a yearly Walking Gallery of Healthcare event, now in its fourth year, phew! This year’s was especially cool because it was sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (@KPMidAtlantic) at Baltimore, MD’s Artscape 2014 (see: Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog: The Walking Gallery at #Artscape2014). This kind » » » » on to the full article

#TheWalkingGallery : Stories in Video

These are the stories of The Walking Gallery, painted by Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday), told in 11 second segments. Pick your story. Have you ever felt like you are in the right moment, in the right place, in the right part of history? This was like that, albeit with a little bit of terror, as I » » » » on to the full article

The Walking Gallery 2013

View The Walking Gallery – 2013 Edition 25407 on Flickr.com For those of you who could not attend this year’s The Walking Gallery, we made sure to take plenty of photographs, and also this year, we innovated by collecting short (11 second) video testimonials, which are posted to the social network of the future, app.net. » » » » on to the full article

73 Cents, The film starring…Regina Holliday

On a mission I saw the http://73centsfilm.com/the-film/ for a second time this weekend, at Our City Film Festival, in Washington, DC. Hard to believe that we are almost at 4 years since the mural was started. And still really really hard to believe that Regina (@ReginaHolliday) started painting within a week of her husband’s death. » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Activist Ignites A Movement For Patients Through Art And Story – Kaiser Health News

What could a patient possibly spot in a record that a doctor or nurse wouldn’t, the doctor asked. Holliday told him about how Fred’s doctors had ordered a walker for him but it never arrived. Had she been reading the record, she could have asked about it. She told him about how Fred’s record indicated » » » » on to the full article

“The movie is called 73 cents and maybe of interest to your readers”

It only took 4 years to receive this e-mail pitch. Now, I’m just waiting for the one that promotes the film “73 cents, starring Julia Roberts….”  Dear Dr. Eytan, Yachad, a DC non-profit, is sponsoring a film festival called Our City Film Festival, which will take place on March 9 and 10. This festival features » » » » on to the full article

Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog: Non-compliant (Ted’s Second Jacket)

We are the non-compliant ones. Do you know what compliant means? It means docile, willing, obedient, manageable and submissive to an excessive degree. Ted may be a doctor. I may be a patient. In this we are one, out and proud.  We are non-compliant. We question authority.  We question folks who say “That is just » » » » on to the full article