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  • The Art of the Walking meeting →

    January 10, 2008. Walking meetings have revolutionized the way I do business. They should do the same for you. This is a how-to manual, which includes relevant research about pedometers.

  • Now Reading: “Concern that sharing information with patients may cause sustained psychological distress is probably unfounded” | Ted Eytan, MD →

    I’m not that smart and my ideas are not that unique. This is why I enjoy writing the posts that are tagged “where we came from” on this blog. The title of this one comes from a 1991 article published in the British Medical Journal about the idea of providing patients access to their complete medical record. To really dig deep, though, I wanted to grab the seminal 1973 article from The New England Journal of Medicine on this topic, and thanks to the Internet, I found it.

  • Diverse communities - A Photo Essay and Some Data →

    October 10, 2008. A mini-photo essay of the diverse communities and events in Washington, DC, along with links to data about the impact of diversity in business and living.

  • The Health 2.0 Definition →

    June 13, 2008. When I was asked by the California Healthcare Foundation to present to their Board on the topic of Health 2.0, I needed help understanding what Health 2.0 was. Crowdsourcing to the rescue. This definition is not mine - it's the one that people helped to create.

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