Why Health IT Must Work More Like Amazon – Healthcare – The Patient -.

Nicely done article by Chris Murphy (@Murph_CJ) – I don’t have much to add :)

Kaiser Permanente is the example everyone in the industry points to in order to show it’s possible to achieve high levels of online engagement.

Eytan emphasizes that direct messaging between doctors and patients and other online tools don’t make healthcare any less of a people business — they’re just another means to deliver care. Satisfaction likely goes up because the care, in the form of an emailed patient-physician exchange, is deliv- ered on the patient’s terms “The day you get an email from your patient is the day you realize that ‘health’ doesn’t happen for them in a medical office — it happens where they live, work, travel,” Eytan says.

Great examples from other health systems showing that listening to people is becoming the norm. Meanwhile, Kaiser Permanente is at 4.3 million people online and counting…Enjoy the article.

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